Showcase Mobile Website via Phone Screen Mockup

Website should be mobile-friendly. To emphasize that point, show off your website design through a phone screen mockup. You can never go wrong with this tool.

Nothing beats the desktop or laptop when you want to check on a website. It is just clearer and you see almost everything without having to move your cursor. But we live in a different world where many things are needed in an instant.

If things are hectic at work, you get a call to check out a website but you are out of your house or office. You don’t have a desktop or laptop with you. It’s not like you could just go inside an establishment or a home and ask for access to their personal computer—it’s doable but hugely embarrassing.

Good thing technology changed a great deal over the years. There was a time when your mobile phone was only good for calls and text messages. That is no longer the case. You could do everything on a mobile phone, which is why it would be a great device to show off your website design.

Phone screen mockup as presentation tool

Using a phone screen mockup indicates that your website design is mobile-friendly. That is very important in this generation as people try to access all kinds of websites on their mobile phones. Mobility is the name of the game.

If you noticed, old websites look weird when accessed on cellphones. This is because the old websites were not optimized for mobile use. That has to change now. There are loads of differences when creating a regular website that is expected to be accessed on a desktop or laptop. When you create a website meant to be maneuvered on a mobile phone, there will be a lot of size optimization in the process. You have to ensure that navigability will not be difficult in such a small device.

The phone mockup PSD will showcase how your website design will look on a mobile phone. This is crucial because as we mentioned earlier, websites now have to be mobile-friendly. The thing is, when your website doesn’t translate well on a mobile phone, people will leave the site and look for something else that is mobile-friendly. The goal is always to attract people to the website, allow people to navigate the site as long as they can, and hopefully that website activity will translate to market conversion.

According to a 2015 Google report, more people are accessing websites on their mobile phones than on desktops or laptops. You should always keep that in mind when proposing an efficient website.

Online shopping

A phone screen mockup is very important when you are trying to design a website that also doubles as an online store. Again, this is something that is gaining traction over the last few years. More than a decade ago, it has become a necessity for businesses to have a website. A few years ago, another important aspect for business emerged: social media. But in the last couple of years, it has become more and more important for businesses to also incorporate e-shopping in their websites.

A business’s need for an online store became more evident as the world experienced the coronavirus pandemic. Suddenly, businesses were forced to close. Small businesses that depended on the community for income had to permanently close. Most of these community businesses never felt the need to get into the online world because they are supported by a loyal community. However, with the pandemic, they had no choice but to close. Without online presence, they could not continue earning money.

This is a lesson for every small business, online presence is needed. It may need financial investment but it is needed. Having said that, it would be important that your website design also incorporate an online store where web visitors will have a chance to purchase what they have been looking at in the last few minutes.

When you showcase your awesome design on a phone screen mockup, you are showing prospective clients what they should be expecting when they commission the website from you. This is what is great about the mockup. It gives you a realistic look of the completed output.

Showcasing an online store on a mobile device is tricky. You want to show off a product or service through a high resolution photo. You want details to be highlighted so it will be as if customers are looking at the product in person. This is something that you have to show off in your presentation. Make sure you download your mockup from a reputable website so that the audience of your presentation will not be disappointed.

Of course, it is not fair that you just rely on a good mockup. The most important thing is your design. Every element that will show off a potential client’s products or services should be incorporated in your design that will be edited onto the mockup.

Easy to use

What is great about the phone screen mockup is that if you download it from a great source, the time and effort you will be spending on the presentation will be thoroughly slashed. A digital mockup such as this is so easy to customize. It is pre-made after all. As a template, there is a placeholder where you could place your own design.

In the case of the phone screen mockup, the placeholder is the screen of the phone. You can choose a mockup that carries an iPhone or one that uses any of the many Android phones. Basically, you just have to drag and drop your own design to the screen of the phone. Astonishing, isn’t it?

This way, you don’t have to worry too much about creating a powerful presentation. All you need to do is make sure your website design is smart and powerful and once you edit it onto the mockup template, your professional presentation is done. A lot of presentations are done through PowerPoint but the digital mockup is better than that. The former is good but the latter is more realistic.

The presentation is just as important as your actual design. The latter is more important since it is the crux of your business. The concept is always heavier, but it doesn’t lessen the essence of the presentation. You have to wow an audience in order to complete the deal. Having a good product is not enough, you have to be able to package it as well. Not just any other package, mind you, it’s a smart and realistic package!

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